Digitalized product development processes are a decisive factor in the innovative power of your company. The use of simulation and CAD are therefore of paramount importance.

Our experienced engineers support you with innovative services around CAE, such as the finite element method and design using CAD. In addition, we advise and accompany you on your way to digitalized product development through independent and specific consulting. We are also happy to implement individual software tools for your development. Would you and your employees like to build up know-how in our special fields yourself? We offer training courses on a wide variety of topics, which we can customize to meet the needs of your company.

FemStas supports you in the digitalization of your product development!

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We support in the most important phases of product development

You have the need for a new or further development? At the beginning of the development process is always the idea phase. In creative workshops with interdisciplinary teams, all stakeholder requirements are identified and compiled. Only through a holistic approach can products and projects be implemented individually and goal oriented.

In the next phase, different technical concepts are derived from the ideas, which all solve the existing problem. The pre-developments are already implemented in terms of design and the first virtual prototypes are created. FemStas supports you here purposefully, in order to examine the practical feasibility of the concepts by simulations.

After a concept has been found, this is elaborated in the next step of the product development process and the dimensioning of the components is carried out. Frequently, fast and good solutions for prototypes can be achieved by approximation formulas. We are happy to create individual CAE tools for analytical pre-dimensioning for your product.

The elaboration phase concludes the product development process. Here, final adjustments are made and prototypes of your product are manufactured.

In an iterative process between design, simulation and testing, the designs are perfected and finalized. Above all, the time-consuming and expensive component tests must be reduced here. FemStas helps you to do this by performing innovative FEM simulations that are adapted to your needs.

In this step the materials are also determined. These materials have a decisive influence on the component properties.

Once product development is complete, the component is manufactured. The production process is determined by numerous factors, such as cost, quantity and tolerances.

The design of the production tools plays a decisive role here. High tool costs usually do not allow trial-and-error grinding. The use of FEM simulations ensures optimal tool contours and reduces reworking.

FemStas helps you with innovative simulations to design your production tools.

Your customers give the most valuable feedback! Customer care is therefore of paramount importance.

Especially in case of damage, it is important to determine the cause as quickly as possible. Possible causes are cracks (forces outside of the requirement, impact load), material defects (impurities, cavities) or construction errors. With the help of FEM simulations, damage patterns can be generated virtually and thus failure mechanisms can be understood.