Opening up new market fields – FemStas takes off in the field of piping calculations

FemStas expands its portfolio and now also supports its customers with pipeline calculations.

Pipelines are used where media have to be transported from A to B – for example for the transport of various gases or liquids or for district heating supply.

A suitable aid in the design of piping systems is provided by calculation programs, which can assist both in determining a suitable support concept and in dimensioning the piping used. In the case of safety-relevant systems, the calculation of the corresponding systems is even mandatory.

“We recommend that our customers safeguard their piping systems as early as possible by means of a calculation. In this way, possible weak points can already be detected in the planning phase and thus cost-intensive adjustments to the systems can be avoided,” says Patrick Hoppe, Technical Managing Director at FemStas.

The continuous expansion of the service portfolio is a central concern for FemStas – this ensures that customer requirements are satisfied in the long term.